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Specialist accounting services for opticians, with sial accountants, the benefits are clear for all to see

Whether you are a newly qualified optometrist or an experienced locum, at SIAL Healthcare we fully understand your specific needs. Our specialist accountancy and taxation services will be tailored to your individual requirements to make sure you achieve your goals with the minimum of cost, fuss and stress!
SIAL Healthcare also provides tailored accounting services to locum opticians and optometrists, whether newly qualified or experienced. As employed or independent contractors, we provide them with accounts and taxation advice and support; if and when they decide to start their own practice in the future, we help them to make their dream reality.

Being a locum has some very specific challenges, so it’s very reassuring to be able to talk to someone who really understands them, and can offer such constructive advice.


Paul J, Locum Optician, London

Why Choose Sial for your GP Practice?

Locum Accounts:
We prepare annual accounts for locum opticians/optometrists, provide drawing projections, cashflow forecasts, budgeting, and bookkeeping services. We offer advice on allowable business expenses.
We advise on self-employed vs. limited company status, handle limited company incorporation, and assist with payroll and corporation tax registration.
We prepare personal tax returns for locums, provide advice on allowable expenses and tax planning, handle company corporation tax returns, and ensure compliance with IR35 regulations.
Other Services:
We offer advice on practice purchasing, including valuations and financing, asset purchase guidance with financing arrangements, and provide mortgage reference certificates.

What Makes Us Different

Our expertise for opticians VAT matters makes us exceptional and our founder and managing director is the definitive authority on how to set up a successful practice.

The guide book for opticians, entitled, “How to start and run a successful Optical Practice” was recently published by Usman Sian, and the book has been critically acclaimed by many optometrists, opticians and industrial specialists as an excellent guide for new and existing optical practices.

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