GP Practices – let’s improve your financial health

For specialist accounting services for medical practices, SIAL accountants is on your side.

With so many factors impacting on the financial health of medical practices, knowing how to recognise the issues and prescribe the most effective treatment is something best left to a specialist.

Being experts in the field of bespoke accountancy services for GPs and their medical practices, SIAL Accountants can advise and guide you all the way. We’ll work with you to set achievable goals and do everything we can to make them a reality.

Our aim is simply to provide your GP practice with a first class specialist financial, accountancy and advisory service, whether GMS, PMS or APMS.

> GP practice accounts, benchmark & financial statistics

> drawing projections, cashflow forecasts and budgeting

> cloud-based bookkeeping, Xero, Quickbook, Sage, IRIS 

> partnership and partners tax returns and tax planning

> practice payroll and auto enrolment services

>preparation of annual superannuation certificates for GP’s 

> retirement planning and pension forecasting

> advice regarding PMS and GMS contracts

> reviewing partnership agreements & surgery ownership options

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SIAL Accountants give us the specialist accounting services we need to ensure our practice run efficiently, and that we can focus our time and energy on looking after our patients.

Dr D Khan

general practitioner, London NW7


We establish a long-lasting relationship between our team and your practice. 

We will provide ongoing communication between our team and your practice. 

We’re friendly, approachable, and will provide transparently for your practice decisions. 

Choosing SIAL Accountants ensures you get the highest level of expertise and experience. 

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The dramatic changes in the way the NHS is run now mean that you need a high level of management skills and up-to-the-minute knowledge to address the ongoing changes. With our extensive experience in this industry, we can offer you a personalised service.

SIAL Accountants has been managing our personal and business tax affairs for many years. As a busy GP, I could not have wished for anyone better; they are honest, trustworthy, reliable, extremely efficient in their work, and most of all, highly courteous and extremely approachable.

Dr M. Haye

GP and NHS Health Care Professional, Milton Keynes


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